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November 5, 2010
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NSG pg. 212 by nads6969 NSG pg. 212 by nads6969
For those who just found my 2nd Sailor Moon Fan-manga, let me resume fast for you.
This sailor moon is ChibiUsa, but with the same colors as her mother used to wear(red and Blue), and the sailor senshi that accompagny her are the daughters of the four first and the four generals of Endymion. They now fight the daughter of Queen Beryl and Endymion(when he was evil)...

Chapter 1 (New Sailor Moon) [link] (Cover Page - [link] )
Chapter 2 (A New Team) [link] (Cover Page - [link] )
Chapter 3 (Cyrius Dies) [link] ( Cover Page - [link] )
Chapter 4 (Venus Joins The Team?) [link] ( Cover Page - [link] )
Chapter 5 (Hot Spring Vacation) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 6 (Prom) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 7 (The Origins of Berylia) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 8 (Fight: Sailor Moon vs. Berylia) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 9 (The Twins) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 10 (New Arrivals) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 11 (Dilema) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 12 (The Great Queen) [link] ( Cover Page -
Chapter 13 (Sibling Rivalry) [link]

Chapter 14 (Turning of a General) (Cover Page --> [link] )
pg. 203 --> [link]
pg. 204 --> [link]
pg. 205 --> [link]
pg. 206 --> [link]
pg. 207 --> [link]
pg. 208 --> [link]
pg. 209 --> [link]
pg. 210 --> [link]
pg. 211 --> [link]
pg. 212 -->

comments please

To all who just love to bad-mouth my work, I just wanna say
that I credit my reference to the website -The Oracle-
And if anybody isn't happy about any of my work,
just don't look at it.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Screencaps belongs to Toei Animation
Reference --> [link]
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Why does Pluto skin look so wierd? Like she is out of breath and about to die
nads6969 Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
couldn't find the right shade, sorry. And it was in the time I only used paint as my main program. So I didn't use any shades or lights to my art.
Why do the outers have stars on their tiaras ?
I no that the etrenal senshi have star tiaras in the manga but the rest of their costume doesnt seem eternal .
nads6969 Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I made it like this, cuz if i remembered well, they have stars on their tiaras in the anime version. Never really checked to be sure.
They only had star tiaras in the manga. In the anime they had normal tiaras like the rest of the sailor scouts and plutos gemstone , on her tiara was red not black :)
nads6969 Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh well, what done is done. I will know for another time. Thanks for the heads up.
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