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NSG - Selena's Age Evolution by nads6969 NSG - Selena's Age Evolution by nads6969
Here is Selena’s full age evolution…

Selena - age 5 : Selena in the same school uniform as Kousagi's when she's attending the Princess Training Academy under the strict and harsh rule of Miharu. Because she was a very rude and ill-tempered little girl in hurting Salem(her younger twin brother), she was sent away to improve on her bad behavior.

Princess Purity - age 8 : This is the form she uses in court and sometimes when she needs extra power like her mother and grandmother. She used it along with her powers to escape from the PTA, deeming it a prison.

Axelle - age 11: Selena's evil form when she agrees to help Metalia. She is known as Princess of Dark Light and Impurity. In is this form she is slightly more powerful than Salem, but is still weak in comparison to Amox(Moya), Vaxi(Kiri), Nexus(Higure) and Xemera(Reimei).

Sailor Chibi Purity - age 12: Selena's true sailor form when she realises all the trouble she's caused to Salem and her family. She had a darker version of it, but it was in the control of Axelle. Selena keeps this form until she turns 16. She is reffered to in her own timeline as Sailor Neo Purity.

Sailor Cosmic Purity - age 16 : Selena's more powerful form. This form was given to her by her grandmother, Neo-Queen Serenity, when she became Sailor Cosmos. This form is more powerful than the Galactic form that her mother, her aunt(Queen Lady Serenity) and their senshis had. Bows are purple to balance the fuku. Will appear in the Black Moon Arc when faced with Turquoise. (Would later be called « Devine Purity » )

Neo Queen Purity - age 25 : Selena becomes queen of North America. Her sleeve straps are only shown during her coronation, but will later disappear. She will become the mother of one daughter, Celestina.

:iconxnekoxmika:'s colored version (Only one who had it) [link]

New Senshi Generation © *nads6969
Selena OC © NSG & ~XNekoXMika
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
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LetaDarnell Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
So pretty! Great designs.
nads6969 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!!!
XNekoXMika Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
SweetArtist101 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Student General Artist
awesome evolution!
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