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October 24, 2012
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NSG - Kousagi's Age Evolution by nads6969 NSG - Kousagi's Age Evolution by nads6969
Here is Kousagi’s full age evolution…

ChibiUsa II – 5 yrs old : When she first came to the 30th century, it completly freak Usa out. She thaught it was a cruel joke from her mother for the time she popped out on her in the 20th century. But Kousagi was only sent to live out a normal life, since palace life was no place for a little girl. Later on, Usa gave her Luna P. and was glad to make her little sister smile.

Sailor Chibi Purity – 6 yrs old : After she realized that what she was doing as DarKousagi was wrong, her mother (from the future) sent her own power stick to battle the forces of evil.

Sailor Purity – 10 yrs old : After spending 4 years with the harsh teacher Miharu(Haruka’s daughter) of « The Princess Training Academy » she returned to the 30th century to combat the forces of darkness. After using the mirror of truth, she turned Berylia back to normal.

Princess Purity – 10 yrs old : (Before returning to the 30th century) Her princess form is as powerfull as Princess Serenity’s but Kousagi doesn’t really like using it. The only time she did was with Queen Beryl.

Galactic Purity – 16 yrs old : After a powerfull boost from Neo Queen Serenity of her own time, all senshis got their new upgrade. The « Galactic » form is just a little more powerfull than the « Eternal » form that the mothers had.

DarkKousagi – 18 yrs old : When Berylia convinced ChibiUsa II that nobody really loved her, Berylia transformed her into the beautiful creature DarKousagi. She attacked her sister without thinking until her mother’s voice echoed in her mind, telling her that sisters shouldn’t fight and if they should, they mustn’t fight this way.

Neo Queen Purity – 25 yrs old : When Kousagi reached the maturity to become Queen, Usa was already given the Crystal Palace in Crystal Tokyo. So she was given the kingdom of North America & Canada.

New Senshi Generation © *nads6969
ChibiUsaII/Kousagi/Sailor Purity/Galactic Purity © NSG & me
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
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yup... she is given the north america sector, since chibiusa has Crystal Tokyo
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I was wondering if one day you would do one of Selena with her age evolutions. You don't have to right now.
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